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Pharma. Biotech. Healthcare.
We know this industry inside out.

In a Nutshell

Every member of our team has deep expertise in pharma and biotech. We know the industry inside out, whether you need help with clinical trials, biomedical communications, or marketing strategy.

A 360º Industry Perspective

Workomics has broad experience across the full gamut of pharma and biotech activities.

  • In R&D, we infuse the trial participant perspective into consent, recruitment, and trial design.
  • In Medical, we go deep on the science and data for medical information, prescriber and nurse education, and drug safety.
  • In Commercial, we design, build, and launch compelling patient and HCP campaigns — before, during, and after launch.

Across all three, we design and facilitate advisory boards, build go-to-market materials, and create the tools and training internal teams need to succeed in their roles.

Our breadth of experience lets us connect the dots across matrixed organizations and deliver work that is aligned to the priorities of many different internal stakeholders and external customers.

True partnership in every sense of the word. Working alongside Workomics has truly been a highlight of my career. Their ability to strategically collaborate, while also providing high-quality, concrete deliverables that work holistically as an ecosystem is leaps and bounds ahead of most other agencies. I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

— Mac McIntyre
Head of Patient Marketing, Kite Pharma

Biomedical Communications

Workomics can approach life sciences work very differently because three-quarters of our staff has graduate-level training in a unique discipline called biomedical communications. It’s a pretty special skill: at the intersection of science and art, talented individuals receive multi-disciplinary training in both medical science and effective communication for a variety of audiences.

Here, we don’t have separate teams for strategy, medical writing, and creative. We have one team where every individual knows your strategy, knows the data in the literature, knows your customers, and knows how to turn inflection points into win-wins for you and your customers.

Medical, Legal, and Regulatory Review

At Workomics, we pride ourselves on how we navigate medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) reviews. We start with a strong baseline in industry norms. We build strong relationships with review committees and prepare our submissions with care and rigour. In live reviews, we advocate for design choices that allow organizations to address compliance concerns and further business goals. We have even been invited by review committees to streamline their processes and propagate best practices.

It makes a real difference. Our final materials are compliant, aligned to strategy and customer needs, and delivered in record time.

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Disease State Education

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About Team

Read more about our team and their deep expertise in pharma, biotech, and biomedical communications.

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