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Workomics x Start-ups and Scale-ups

It takes one to know one.
(We’re a start-up too.)

A Dual Focus on Customers and Employees

When you’re bringing a new offering to market, you are juggling two priorities at once:

  • Defining a go-to-market strategy and creating your customer experience
  • Growing your team and establishing a vibrant culture.

You switch constantly between those two jobs, and you need a partner who can switch with you. That’s what we do at Workomics: think about your customers and your team in an integrated way, helping everyone connect the dots in moments of constant change and maximum ambiguity. That’s useful for any organization, but it’s especially powerful when you are scaling from start-up stage.

We are a partner who can flex with you, leaning into both customer and employee experience with equal enthusiasm. That means our clients can tackle ever-shifting priorities while maintaining momentum towards big-picture goals.

A Seasoned Guide for New Frontiers

One of the best parts of being part of a newer, smaller team is the ability to chart your own course. At Workomics, we understand that, which is why we don’t come in with pre-programmed playbooks. Instead, we lead with curiosity and learn alongside you, so together we can chart strategies and tactics that capitalize on your agility, innovation, and unique capabilities. But beware! There is a fine line between bold and foolhardy, between writing your own script and reinventing the wheel. We have the experience to help you walk that line, so you are focusing your energies on the right things.

Workomics helps clients balance daring and best practices. We help your uniqueness shine through, so your offerings are truly differentiated in the marketplace.

Offerings that Scale With You

When you’re a small or early-stage company, every dollar counts. But you’re also facing inflection points at a dizzying pace — some days, it can feel like every decision is shaping the long-term trajectory of the whole organization. An outside perspective can really help, but only if it doesn’t break the bank. That’s why Workomics has created accessible models that allow small teams to get started working with us with a low financial commitment and a focus on delivering results.

From the tactical elements of your customer or employee experience, to longer-term advisory relationships, our scrappy, pragmatic ethos helps move your organization forward.