A drawing of three people standing in front of a flow chart, assembling it together.
Case Study

Establishing a new customer experience function within an organization.

Inflection Point

Our client had just established a new customer experience (CX) function. The newly-installed leader was tasked with defining a strategy, aligning the organization to the customer journey, and galvanizing the organization to collaborate in new, more customer-centric ways.


We established a cross-functional task force to create the broader alignment and support required for CX to flourish in the organization. Together with the task force, we defined a long term strategy and roadmap for delivering and cultivating CX. The roadmap centred around three areas:

  • Reimagining critical CX touchpoints,
  • Identifying differentiating ideas for delivering CX, and
  • Embedding a customer-centric culture with new ways of working.
A drawing of two people discussing and mapping out the workflow of a customer experience journey. While a third person is deep in thought problem solving a particular aspect to the solution


Future of Work
We designed a governance structure and norms for the cross-functional task force that enabled it to integrate CX into a highly-matrixed organization—creating clarity, consistency, and demonstrable impact, without generating additional bureaucracy.

As part of developing the strategy, we delivered a comprehensive suite of communications to engage the organization. Our deliverables included executive briefings, town-hall slides, an internal crowdsourcing campaign, email newsletters, and mainstage presentations for all-company meetings. We leveraged stakeholder mapping to align key messages across the organization.


The new CX function delivered synthesized customer journey maps that generated consistent, organization-wide understanding of current and ideal state customer experiences. The customer experience team was increased from 2 FTEs to 10, as staff responsible for key stages in the customer journey were integrated into an expanded cross-functional team.

An inforgraphic displaying a full circle roadmap of the journey of customer experience from the inside out, covering tactics, deliverables and goals
We aligned the organization’s broader strategic goals with CX strategies and tactics along the customer journey.